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BARRO multi purpose and rescue boats

Patrol and control boats, oil recovery boats

BARRO Boatbuilders portray over 40 years experience in constructing customs made rugged working and rescue boats of tough marine aluminum.

The extremely robust BARRO aluminum boats have proven their reliability world-wide as oil recovery, firefighting, control and patrol boats.

Outstanding construction features combined with skilled handicraft and the utilization of high class aluminum alloy guarantee longevity and high versatility.

The special marine alloy is seawater resistant, corrosion proof and needs practically no maintenance. All BARRO working boats are unsinkable and equipped with a self-bilging corrugated aluminum plate floor.

All boats are completely welded and ensure excellent performance even at extreme environments. The heavy-duty construction and the special hull designs ensure high stability, light maneuverability and extraordinary driving abilities even in rough waters.

The BARRO rescue boats type RTB according to German Standard DIN 14961 - furnished with either a flat bottom hull or as catamarans - have stood their test at flooded areas and in shallow waters. The RTB boats come in sizes from 3,50 m to 4,80 m and can be used as rowing or poling boats, or can be powered with outboard engines of up to 60 HP.

Flat bottom rescue boat RTB III especially for overflooded areas

The new RTB 500 series feature rugged rescue boats as trimarans or with a "vee" bottom ranging from 4,80 m to 5,20 m. These boats can also be equipped with inboard engine of up to 100 HP, combined with a Jet or Z-drive.

Rescue boat RTB 480 with V-hull and outboard engine

BARRO multipurpose boats type MZB have proven their reliability as patrol, rescue and diving boats. The MZB boats according to DIN 14961 are specially made for oil recovery and firefighting operations.

The hull construction of the MZB boats in lengths of 5,50 m to 14 m is either a trimaran or with a "vee" bottom.

The MZB boats are furnished with storage rooms and clamps for a multitude of firefighting and rescue equipment, a special heavy-duty towing appliance and a suction tube for a fire-pump. Or request a pipe line to the bow and a fastening for a nozzle or for a monitor enable easy extinguishing.

A hydraulically - or mechanically - operated tilted bow and a the stern platform facilitate loading and rescue operations.

The MZB boats can be motorized with a single or dual outboard assembly, alternatively with inboard Diesel or petrol engines combined with Jet or Z-drive.

A variety of consoles, cockpits and cabins are available. All boats are completely equipped with electrical circuits, signal and navigation systems.

Multi-purpose boat MZB 600-BKL with tilted boat and inboard engine

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